During the period of Japan’s national isolation, sailors on a Dutch ship that was authorized to trade dumped empty gin bottles into the sea while at anchor in the Nagasaki port, but they were eventually picked out by tea masters and prized as vases for decorating tea rooms. This is why so many kelder bottles have been handed down in Japan in paulownia boxes.

Inspired by this story, MAWSIM’s gin bottles are quality-controlled for secondary use as carafes or vases. Since they are made semi-artificially at a town factory in Tokyo, they have unique expressions, such as shimmering, bubbles, and hairlines; no two are alike.

From the perspective of environmental impact, reuse at the same place is one of the best ways.
However, in the future, we are also looking at implementing a bottle return system that will bring an all-win situation to the global environment, users, and MAWSIM.

  • If you don’t reuse the bottle, please recycle it according to your local rules.
  • If you soak the bottle in water overnight, you can remove the label.